Feather Touch Brows

Remember back in the 90s when thin brows were in? Celebrities like Gwen Stefani sported drawn on line like eyebrows. Well, as with any fashion trend, things change now we have woman like Cara Delevingne making everyone want thick and shapely brows. Eyebrows can completely change a persons face, the brow transformations are also face transformations and that’s why I love my job. Let’s just clear the confusion up shall we? Microblading is also referred to as the following.. Feather Touch Brows, Feather Stroke, 3D Brows, Eyebrow embroidery, Eyebrow tattooing, Feathered brows etc the list goes on. So yes it’s the same thing with everyone in the industry wanting to put a fresh spin on it.




People looking for an alternative to penciling in their eyebrows daily have a few options.

  •  Eyebrow Tattooing: This has been a practice for more than a decade and is permanent – they used ink and over time they have turned blue or red – not a good look!
  •  Eyebrow feathering or micropigmentation: a new practice that is similar to tattooing, but uses pigment instead of ink. It last anywhere from 1-3 years and only goes as deep as the epidermal layer of the skin. Why? Because it’s how we keep your skin healthy and able to receive Microblading in years to come the last thing we want to do is give you scar tissue on your brows. The depth used when Microblading is VERY important. I’ve been getting a lot of ‘Correction jobs’ from other artists and have been horrified to see how damaged the skin is. The Feather Touch brows may not last as long but your skin being healthy is the most important thing.
  • Brow extensions: Applied similarly to eyelash extensions and last about 3-5 weeks, and like lash extensions tend to take a lot of time. I haven’t personally tried them but have heard they look great!

I, (Melissa of STYLE MY BROWS) believe that you must have a passion for brows. I have made brows my specialty. I only do up to 12 feathering procedures per week so I can deliver quality over quantity. There is no shortage to the many brow fanatics of melbourne wanting to get Microblading done to achieve their dream brows. I think the number one thing I hear from my clients is “why didn’t I get this done sooner”. It’s a game changer and will surely have you obsessing over brows.

Feather Touch brows were popular in Korea before and it’s just been in the last year that it’s really exploded around the world with Phi Brows leading the way in Europe.

STYLE MY BROWS offers ‘compassion prices‘ for those with medical conditions such as cancer or alopecia, but the majority of my clients want the procedure strictly for convenience. The woman of the world today don’t have the time to pencil in perfect brows every morning we’re busy! Getting the perfect shape is one thing then you need the symmetry for the perfect brows you can find yourself in front of the mirror for 15-20 minutes and still not be pleased.

Clients range in age from 18 to 80 years old. Eyebrow tattooing techniques have changed dramatically over the years and so has the stigma around it. The newest techniques of Eyebrow tattooing give extremely natural looking results. You can barely notice Microbladed eyebrows unless you get up close and personal – looking for them. A lot of my clients said their husbands didn’t even notice they had their eyebrows Microbladed, they complimented them saying they looked beautiful but didn’t notice why?! The results are amazing!

It wasn’t long ago that people would mention going to get their eyebrows tattooed, and it would be met with negative feedback all that has changed now with Feather Touch brows – it’s something people see as an impressive cosmetic procedure that’s completely natural looking.

Eyebrow feathering fades after one to three years, and it’s the semi-permanent nature of the tattoo that is a selling feature for many people. I can never tell a client for sure how long their brows will last there are a lot of factors that contribute to lasting brows. Woman for example that go to the gym regularly and sunbathe will tend to have brows that disappear quicker than someone who stays out of the sun and doesn’t exert themselves as much.

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