Feather Touch Brows also known as Microblading is a long lasting Cosmetic Tattooing technique for the brows.

The longevity of your Feather Touch brows depends on a number of factors, first and foremost you must abide by pre-treatment instructions. That means no coffee, alcohol, fish oils, pain killers, flax seed oil, coca cola etc at least 34hrs before your appointment. No working out before your appointment or sitting in front of a heater right before your appointment!

All of those things will either thin the blood or increase blood pressure which causes bleeding during the Microblading process that pushes the pigment out. You also need to stop using Apha Hydroxy Acids in your skincare at least 4 weeks before your appointment, any acids in your skincare expholiate and thin the epidermal layer which will also cause more bleeding during the process.

Technique will also effect the longevity, Feather Touch brows requires precision of depth and correct angling of the Microblade during the procedure. Do you research and make sure your Cosmetic Tattooist is producing clean fine strokes, it’s also important to see healed work before you go ahead and book.

If you have any medical conditions or are on any medications it’s best to contact Melissa before booking.

Lifestyle can also play a huge part in how long your brows last, if you work out regularly and engage in Detox programs or use Saunas regularly this will fade your brows quicker than usual.  If you’re out in the sun on a regular basis this will also fade your tattooed brows quicker, so be sun smart use sunscreen, hats and sunglasses! Just like regular tattoos the pigment will fade from sun exposure.  If you’re a smoker this can also effect the longevity of your beautiful new brows!

Skin types can also effect how long your brows will last for. Dry to normal skin types will generally last longer than Combination to Oily Skin types.

So, to ensure you get the best healed results you need to strictly follow pre-appointment instructions and protect your brows from Sun exposure and harsh skin care products.  If you’re someone who has regular facials make sure you make your beauty therapist aware of your tattooed brows so they can avoid the area whilst using strong products or exfoliating the skin.

It’s impossible to give a definite time frame on how long Feather Touch brows will last, everyone is chemically different and has different lifestyles.

Generally, Feather Touch brows last 12 months and require Annual Touch ups, they can in some cases last up to 3 years (this would usually be dry skin types who don’t work out or go out in the sun for long periods of time) they can also last longer if you go deeper than the epidermal layer of the skin although this is not recommended as you can cause scar tissue which will effect retention long term.





Introduction to Feather Touch Brows

In this day and age, the brows definitely help make the woman.  Whether you’re like Cara Delevigne with naturally bold, untamed brows or more tamed and sculpted like Rihanna, a full, beautiful brow is the newest accessory in the fashion and beauty worlds.

But for many women, the tiny brow trend of the 90’s still haunts us – our overplucked brows never came back!  So how do you get those full, natural-looking brows of your dreams without endlessly drawing them in each and every day?  For many the answer is simple – feather-touch brows.

What are Feather Touch Brows?

Feather touch brows, also known as the “Embroidery Technique,” are one of the latest and greatest trends in the beauty industry that are used to help you get the natural, full-looking brows of your dreams.  This is a semi-permanent treatment process that uses a micro-blade hand tool to etch very fine hair-like strokes into the skin to simulate brow hairs.  The result is a very natural-looking brow that lasts between 12 months to 24 months with minimal touch-ups.

Because this method is used to create natural, realistic looking brow hairs, it can be individually customized.  You can elect to have your brows filled in or entirely remodeled if you so desire.  Since the technician uses pigment rather than ink, feather-touch brows can be tailored to suit the skintone and hair color of the customer.  With this method, you can evolve your brows over time rather than having a permanent style that cannot be changed.

The Procedure

The feather touch brow process is fairly simple and near-painless procedure that is performed by a licensed technician with a small micro-blade hand tool.  A topical anesthetic is applied to the area 30-60 minutes before, numbing the area entirely before the procedure begins.  The micro-blade uses a row of tiny needles to draw in each individual brow hair before pigment is applied and allowed to absorb into the skin.  This is repeated 3-5 times to get the desired look of the customer.  Because the pigment is applied after the hairs are etched, this makes the process impossible to mess up – the technician simply doesn’t have to apply pigment to the area.

This procedure can take anywhere from ½ an hour to 2 ½ hours, depending on the technician and the desired effects.  Oftentimes the technician will start the procedure very conservatively to determine how the customer’s skin will react to the pigment before going in with a heavier hand.

Pre-Treatment Notes

Prior to the procedure, there are several steps that you should take in order to ensure that your feather-touch brows are a complete success:

First and foremost, you should schedule an appointment with your technician to discuss your desired shape and color before the procedure.  This way, you are both on the same page for the appointment itself.

Secondly, you should avoid having your brows tinted prior to the appointment, as the pigment can make it difficult for the technician to match your brows appropriately.

Additionally, you should avoid using AHAs, BHAs, or exfoliants on the skin for three days prior to your appointment, as this can cause irritation in the skin when the micro-blading tool is being used.

Finally, you should be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen on your brow area!  If you are sunburned, your technician will be unable to complete your appointment due to risk of irritation.

After the Procedure

Immediately after the procedure, your brows will appear very dark and pigmented – don’t worry!  This effect will fade up to 50% in the first week, reaching your desired color.  Because the skin cell turnover rate is so high in the face, your skin may push the dye out at different rates, but it will even out over time.  And if the final effect is not what you were looking for, you can always schedule a touch-up with your technician to adjust the color, shape, and depth as needed.

Just like a regular tattoo, feather-touch brows will need some care and upkeep after the procedure is completed.  Oftentimes, it will take approximately 1-2 weeks for your brows to heel fully.  You will need to apply a barrier healing cream for a week or more after treatment to help speed up the healing process.  Additionally, you should avoid the use of exfoliation and cleansing steps in your skincare routine, as these can cause fading in the pigment and slow down the healing process.

Are Feather Touch Brows Right for You?

When considering semi-permanent makeup such as feather brows, you need to take a few factors into consideration.  Primarily, what type of brow style are you looking for? If you prefer a more natural style, feather-touch brows might be the perfect choice for you.  However, if you are looking for a trendier style, you may prefer something different, such as ombre brows.

Another important factor to consider is the skill of your technician.  For semi-permanent makeup such as feather touch brows, you need to consider them an investment.  Search for a licensed technician that has experience doing feather brows in Melbourne with great reviews and a clean office.  A great job will often come at a higher price and often requires maintenance to keep your brows looking beautiful and natural.

Introduction to Ombre Brows

When it comes to modern beauty trends, one style remains truly essential – the bold brow.  Whether you’re searching for a natural, full look or following the latest and greatest trend of the gorgeous ombre, how you wear your brows can be an easy fabulous fashion statement.

But many of us are still dealing with the fallout of the 90’s thin brow – how do we get the beautiful, full brows of our dreams without spending hours of our time filling them in each week?  For many women, the answer is easy – semi-permanent ombre brows!

What are Ombre Brows?

Ombre brows are a new style of semi-permanent makeup that can be used to help you achieve those lust-worthy beautiful brows you see all over Instagram.  This style features simulated makeup rather than simulated hairs, like you find in feather-touch brows.  The technician fills in the brows with a faded technique that starts darker in the brow tails and becomes lighter towards the center.  The result is bold and beautiful ombre brows that can last up to 2 years with minimal maintenance.

This process is highly customisable to the individual and can be used to both shape the brows as well as provide the desired ombre effect.  Because pigment is used rather than traditional inks, the technician can tailor the hue to the individual based on their skin tone and hair color.   The result is a more solid look than the traditional feathering procedure, although the thickness can be customized depending on personal preference.

The Procedure

The ombre brow procedure is simple in nature and practically pain-free.  Prior to the procedure, a topical anesthetic is applied to the brow area to numb the skin.  The technician then uses a small tattoo pen to etch in the brow shape and mimic a powder-filled brow look.  Oftentimes they will start with a lighter hand to gauge how your skin will react to the pen before filling your brows in with a darker effect.  This process will take anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours, depending on the skill of the technician and the desired effect of the brows.

Pre-Treatment Notes

Before undergoing a semi-permanent ombre brows procedure, there are several steps that you should take to make sure that the process is a success:

Firstly, be sure to schedule an appointment with you technician before your procedure to discuss the desired effect.  Be sure to talk about the shape and style you are looking for as well as color.  This way, you can be sure that your technician will understand exactly what you are looking for.

Second, be sure to avoid having your brows tinted prior to your appointment.  This pigment in the brows can make it very difficult for your technician to color-match appropriately.

On that same note, be sure to avoid wearing makeup to your appointment.  Of course, they will be able to remove it for you, but this can eat into your scheduled time and cause your technician to have to work faster through your procedure.

Finally, be sure to avoid using AHAs, BHAs, or exfoliants on the skin for three days prior to your appointment, as this can cause unwanted skin irritation that can affect skin absorption and cause the brow pigment to fade more quickly.

After the Procedure

Like any tattoo, your ombre brows will have a recovery period – in this case, approximately 2-3 weeks.  During this time your brows may appear very pigmented and dark – don’t fret!  This effect will fade about 50% over the first week or so, settling into your desired color.  One thing to remember is that your skin will push the dye out at different rates in your brows, so the color may appear patchy at times.  Additionally, if your skin starts to scab, don’t pick at it – this can remove the pigment from the skin.  Once your brows settle, you can always return to your technician for a touch-up to adjust your shape and color as needed.

During this recovery, there are a few things that you can do to speed up the process. For the full 2-3 weeks, be sure to apply a barrier healing cream.  In addition, be sure to continue to avoid using exfoliating or cleansing skincare items for at least 2 weeks, as this can cause skin irritation and fading in the pigment.

Are Ombre Brows Right for You?

When determining which type of semi-permanent makeup you want to move forward with for your brows, the most important consideration is definitely your desired style.  If you’re searching for a more natural, fuller brow, you may want to consider feather-touch brows rather than ombre brows.  However, if you are dreaming of a bold, thicker trendy brow, ombre brows may be the right choice for you!

Just as important as the style is the skill level of your technician.  When it comes to semi-permanent makeup, you need to consider it an investment piece.  With great skill often comes a higher price tag.  When looking for a technician to create ombre brows in Melbourne, be sure to look for an experienced practitioner with a great reputation and a well-kempt office.  And remember, this style of brow will require maintenance, so look for a technician that you can build a lasting relationship with.

Everything you need to know about Feather touch brows

When it comes to the word tattoo— eyebrows aren’t the first thing to come to mind. Something about tattooed eyebrows seems harsh, unnatural, and well, permanent. I agree. When it comes to a more permanent eyebrow solution, feather touch brows are the way to go—tattoo yes, but absolutely soft and natural looking. Feather touch brows originated in Asia, and have taken Melbourne by storm. The technique is becoming popular among trendsetters in Los Angeles, New York, Milan, and Paris.

But what does this have to do with you? Good question. If you have sparse eyebrows from over plucking in your teen years, they’re naturally light in pigment, or you’re just lacking in the brow department, feather touch brows might be the perfect solution for perfecting your look. If you’re in Melbourne, then I’d love to help you out! Because of my special training, technique and expertise, I’ve had people travel interstate to get their brow fixed.

But while I’ve got your attention— here’s (mostly) EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT FEATHER TOUCH BROWS

What is it?

A technique known as microblading, means each hair stroke is created individually by hand, and then the colour is applied to the top layers of skin. What makes this technique so sought after, is that it takes great care to create each eyebrow—with each stroke done with great precision. The overall effect is completely natural, but also completely flawless brows. I like to call them “artisan brows,” because of the craft and heart that is put into their creation. If brows could be art, this is it—and you can get it done here in Melbourne.

Feather touch brows melbourne

I customise brows to compliment your face shape and the natural shape of your brow line while also picking the perfect shade to enhance, yet blend with your overall look.

How long does it last? Feather touch brows can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years depending on skin type and their exposure to the elements. I recommend you do a touch up session 6 to 8 weeks following your initial appointment to add more colour and intensity as needed, although this is optional. To ensure long lasting brows be sure to follow care instructions, including:

  • Keep brows dry and clean for seven days (this includes steam from a shower).
  • When brows are healing don’t itch or pick at them.
  • Don’t exfoliate brow area or use exfoliant products on brow area.
  • Apply sunscreen and avoid exposure to sun.

Does it hurt?

Depends on the person. I can apply an anaesthetic cream to ensure the area is numb first. You may notice pressure. Some clients prefer to wear ear phones and listen to music so they don’t hear the procedure. But most customers (especially busy mums) relish an opportunity to lye still. Many have commented on how peaceful the salon is.

Other things you should know:

  • After a couple days the colour will darken as the brows heal. Then it will lightly scab and flake away to eventually return to the original colour. I recommend you allow time for healing before any special events.
  • Remember it might take a few days to adjust to your new brows, especially when you’re not wearing makeup. You’ve been used to your old brows for a lifetime, so give yourself a little time to acclimatise to your new look. Your brows will soften with time.

Unlike eyebrow tattooing, which is harsh and permanent (the pigment and sometimes ink often turning to red or blue), feather touch brows enhance your look without being overstated. In fact, most customers say that no one notices, “what they did,” but just comment that they look younger, fresher, or more put together. After all, brows are the frame for the face. Aside from cosmetic surgeries, brows are the quickest way to update your look, while shaving 5 to 10 years off your appearance!

But don’t just listen to me—here are comments from a few customers:

Christine shares, “my uneven sparse brows are now full and perfect!”

Amelia says, “I never I imagined I could have such full, beautifully shaped, natural looking brows. There are no words for how thrilled I am.”

Nina shares, “I was so impressed with her work and how stunning my brows look. Melissa is a perfectionist who takes the time to shape brows according to your facial features. My brows are now so full with a perfect arch.”

Thanks ladies! Never underestimate the power of an eyebrow.



Feather Touch Brows

Remember back in the 90s when thin brows were in? Celebrities like Gwen Stefani sported drawn on line like eyebrows. Well, as with any fashion trend, things change now we have woman like Cara Delevingne making everyone want thick and shapely brows. Eyebrows can completely change a persons face, the brow transformations are also face transformations and that’s why I love my job. Let’s just clear the confusion up shall we? Microblading is also referred to as the following.. Feather Touch Brows, Feather Stroke, 3D Brows, Eyebrow embroidery, Eyebrow tattooing, Feathered brows etc the list goes on. So yes it’s the same thing with everyone in the industry wanting to put a fresh spin on it.




People looking for an alternative to penciling in their eyebrows daily have a few options.

  •  Eyebrow Tattooing: This has been a practice for more than a decade and is permanent – they used ink and over time they have turned blue or red – not a good look!
  •  Eyebrow feathering or micropigmentation: a new practice that is similar to tattooing, but uses pigment instead of ink. It last anywhere from 1-3 years and only goes as deep as the epidermal layer of the skin. Why? Because it’s how we keep your skin healthy and able to receive Microblading in years to come the last thing we want to do is give you scar tissue on your brows. The depth used when Microblading is VERY important. I’ve been getting a lot of ‘Correction jobs’ from other artists and have been horrified to see how damaged the skin is. The Feather Touch brows may not last as long but your skin being healthy is the most important thing.
  • Brow extensions: Applied similarly to eyelash extensions and last about 3-5 weeks, and like lash extensions tend to take a lot of time. I haven’t personally tried them but have heard they look great!

I, (Melissa of STYLE MY BROWS) believe that you must have a passion for brows. I have made brows my specialty. I only do up to 12 feathering procedures per week so I can deliver quality over quantity. There is no shortage to the many brow fanatics of melbourne wanting to get Microblading done to achieve their dream brows. I think the number one thing I hear from my clients is “why didn’t I get this done sooner”. It’s a game changer and will surely have you obsessing over brows.

Feather Touch brows were popular in Korea before and it’s just been in the last year that it’s really exploded around the world with Phi Brows leading the way in Europe.

STYLE MY BROWS offers ‘compassion prices‘ for those with medical conditions such as cancer or alopecia, but the majority of my clients want the procedure strictly for convenience. The woman of the world today don’t have the time to pencil in perfect brows every morning we’re busy! Getting the perfect shape is one thing then you need the symmetry for the perfect brows you can find yourself in front of the mirror for 15-20 minutes and still not be pleased.

Clients range in age from 18 to 80 years old. Eyebrow tattooing techniques have changed dramatically over the years and so has the stigma around it. The newest techniques of Eyebrow tattooing give extremely natural looking results. You can barely notice Microbladed eyebrows unless you get up close and personal – looking for them. A lot of my clients said their husbands didn’t even notice they had their eyebrows Microbladed, they complimented them saying they looked beautiful but didn’t notice why?! The results are amazing!

It wasn’t long ago that people would mention going to get their eyebrows tattooed, and it would be met with negative feedback all that has changed now with Feather Touch brows – it’s something people see as an impressive cosmetic procedure that’s completely natural looking.

Eyebrow feathering fades after one to three years, and it’s the semi-permanent nature of the tattoo that is a selling feature for many people. I can never tell a client for sure how long their brows will last there are a lot of factors that contribute to lasting brows. Woman for example that go to the gym regularly and sunbathe will tend to have brows that disappear quicker than someone who stays out of the sun and doesn’t exert themselves as much.

The History of Eyebrow Tattooing

Microblading Mount Eliza

It seems that ‘modern’ tattooing has its origins in the Polynesian islands. One story talks about conjoined twins born on the island of Ta’u, Samoa, who were separated accidentally by the prow of a canoe. They landed in Fiji, where they learned the art of tattooing. The twins eventually returned to their native Samoa and one of them, Taema, became a tattooist and a teacher of the art.

In Samoan, the word tatau means “appropriate, balanced and fitting”. This is a perfect explanation of what we aim to achieve with the semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing today.

Eventually, the art of tattooing spread to other Pacific islands, including New Zealand. We often see the familiar and beautiful Maori tattoos.

But tattooing goes back much further than this. When mummies of ancient Egyptian rulers and priests were removed from their tombs, they were found to have intricate tattoos. Cleopatra herself had exquisite ‘permanent makeup’. Many of the Egyptian tattoos were of symbols that had special meaning to them.

Archaeologists have also found the ancient mummified body of a Sudanese woman with a Christian symbol tattooed on her thigh, showing that tattooing was practised in northern Africa around 2000 years ago.

Tattooing was also done as long as 7000 years ago in the north-west of South America and more than 5000 years ago in Europe. The frozen body of the ‘ice-man’, found in Northern Italy in 1991, was heavily tattooed; he had died about 5000 years ago.

All of the ‘ancient’ tattooing practices (and many modern ones) produce permanent tattoos. Modern eyebrow tattooing, also known as Microblading or eyebrow feathering, produces a semi-permanent result that can be renewed every few years or allowed to gradually fade.

Unlike the placing of pigments deep into the lower layers of the skin as in ‘normal’ tattooing, eyebrow tattooing uses a microblade – a fine blade consisting of a line of tiny needles – which is dipped in pigment and then gently stroked across the skin to ‘create’ fine hairs that resemble the person’s own eyebrows. It can be used to fill in thin eyebrows, extend or thicken existing eyebrows or ‘create’ eyebrows lost through disease or over-plucking. The pigments used can be natural plant-based, or synthetic.

At Style My Brows we offer both natural and synthetic pigments for you to choose from. The shape of the brows is designed very much in consultation with each client, with input from using the ‘golden section’, an ancient tool for creating pleasing and classical proportions, also found in nature in the shape of shells and flowers. We also offer brow shaping with wax and tint, lash lifting and tint, lip waxing and chin waxing.

[Information gathered on-line from the British Museum, Australian Museum, Wikipedia and various tattooing sites.]


Eyebrow Shape MorningtonFor me personally, as I came to the end of my twenties, the end of my eyebrows decided to disappear too. My face was looking a little less vibrant. I chalked it up to age and got on with things until I read an article on the ‘Importance of Eyebrows’. I had always been the artistic friend who perfected my friends’ eyebrows and lashes, neglecting my own! Eyebrows have the ability to change your face wonderfully, dramatically. Many people are dubbing Microblading the mini-facelift. Upon discovery of this brow information, I went directly to my nearest makeup counter and purchased a brow pencil, brow powder and brow stencils for myself. Armed with all the goodies to transform my brows, I marched home to fix my brow situation. I was in love with the results: it made my eyes pop and I felt younger. Addiction activated!

However, let me tell you now, drawing on perfect brows day after day got tedious. Especially for a person like me who has half her brows missing!

Good brows take a lot of time in front of the mirror each day and I’m quite lazy when it comes to self-pampering. After all that brow tweaking in the mornings, they frequently didn’t quite last the day through.

Clearly I was over it, so I went in search of a solution. I had heard of Eyebrow Tattooing that left you with a rather solid looking pair of brows. It sounded a little too permanent for me. I didn’t want that; it suits some people but not me. I then discovered Microblading – I was in LOVE. I did my research and booked in as soon as possible. It changed my face completely: the arch could be raised in a much more defined way than brow powders and pencils ever let me. I kept getting compliments like ‘you look good’. They were my brows and nobody could tell!

Brows quickly became my obsession. I googled and read books and blogs on brows until I was absolutely adamant I had to help other people re-create their brows. This was not going to be just for my friends – I wanted to go public!

I was enchanted by the before-and-afters. I needed to be a part of the Brow Gurus of Melbourne changing faces!

I bit the bullet and drained the bank account and not only completed one training course but THREE! That’s right, three separate training courses on Eyebrow Tattooing. I researched pigments, blades and trade secrets until 3am each night, until I found the best.

After my last training at the Holo Academy, I felt armed with all the right tools I was finally ready after a year of training and practising – I the perfectionist, was ready to start giving people their dream brows. And what an honour it is to do what I love every day! I’m obsessed with Brows; I love being able to see my clients’ faces when they look at their brow transformation for the first time. So I opened the doors to STYLE MY BROWS. Welcome to my page and my little business that I care so much about. I will do my very best to give you your dream brows, whether it be Shaping and Tinting or Microblading. So, I look forward to creating brows for you & meeting you all. xx