Feather Touch Brows also known as Microblading is a long lasting Cosmetic Tattooing technique for the brows.

The longevity of your Feather Touch brows depends on a number of factors, first and foremost you must abide by pre-treatment instructions. That means no coffee, alcohol, fish oils, pain killers, flax seed oil, coca cola etc at least 34hrs before your appointment. No working out before your appointment or sitting in front of a heater right before your appointment!

All of those things will either thin the blood or increase blood pressure which causes bleeding during the Microblading process that pushes the pigment out. You also need to stop using Apha Hydroxy Acids in your skincare at least 4 weeks before your appointment, any acids in your skincare expholiate and thin the epidermal layer which will also cause more bleeding during the process.

Technique will also effect the longevity, Feather Touch brows requires precision of depth and correct angling of the Microblade during the procedure. Do you research and make sure your Cosmetic Tattooist is producing clean fine strokes, it’s also important to see healed work before you go ahead and book.

If you have any medical conditions or are on any medications it’s best to contact Melissa before booking.

Lifestyle can also play a huge part in how long your brows last, if you work out regularly and engage in Detox programs or use Saunas regularly this will fade your brows quicker than usual.  If you’re out in the sun on a regular basis this will also fade your tattooed brows quicker, so be sun smart use sunscreen, hats and sunglasses! Just like regular tattoos the pigment will fade from sun exposure.  If you’re a smoker this can also effect the longevity of your beautiful new brows!

Skin types can also effect how long your brows will last for. Dry to normal skin types will generally last longer than Combination to Oily Skin types.

So, to ensure you get the best healed results you need to strictly follow pre-appointment instructions and protect your brows from Sun exposure and harsh skin care products.  If you’re someone who has regular facials make sure you make your beauty therapist aware of your tattooed brows so they can avoid the area whilst using strong products or exfoliating the skin.

It’s impossible to give a definite time frame on how long Feather Touch brows will last, everyone is chemically different and has different lifestyles.

Generally, Feather Touch brows last 12 months and require Annual Touch ups, they can in some cases last up to 3 years (this would usually be dry skin types who don’t work out or go out in the sun for long periods of time) they can also last longer if you go deeper than the epidermal layer of the skin although this is not recommended as you can cause scar tissue which will effect retention long term.





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