Introduction to Feather Touch Brows

In this day and age, the brows definitely help make the woman.  Whether you’re like Cara Delevigne with naturally bold, untamed brows or more tamed and sculpted like Rihanna, a full, beautiful brow is the newest accessory in the fashion and beauty worlds.

But for many women, the tiny brow trend of the 90’s still haunts us – our overplucked brows never came back!  So how do you get those full, natural-looking brows of your dreams without endlessly drawing them in each and every day?  For many the answer is simple – feather-touch brows.

What are Feather Touch Brows?

Feather touch brows, also known as the “Embroidery Technique,” are one of the latest and greatest trends in the beauty industry that are used to help you get the natural, full-looking brows of your dreams.  This is a semi-permanent treatment process that uses a micro-blade hand tool to etch very fine hair-like strokes into the skin to simulate brow hairs.  The result is a very natural-looking brow that lasts between 12 months to 24 months with minimal touch-ups.

Because this method is used to create natural, realistic looking brow hairs, it can be individually customized.  You can elect to have your brows filled in or entirely remodeled if you so desire.  Since the technician uses pigment rather than ink, feather-touch brows can be tailored to suit the skintone and hair color of the customer.  With this method, you can evolve your brows over time rather than having a permanent style that cannot be changed.

The Procedure

The feather touch brow process is fairly simple and near-painless procedure that is performed by a licensed technician with a small micro-blade hand tool.  A topical anesthetic is applied to the area 30-60 minutes before, numbing the area entirely before the procedure begins.  The micro-blade uses a row of tiny needles to draw in each individual brow hair before pigment is applied and allowed to absorb into the skin.  This is repeated 3-5 times to get the desired look of the customer.  Because the pigment is applied after the hairs are etched, this makes the process impossible to mess up – the technician simply doesn’t have to apply pigment to the area.

This procedure can take anywhere from ½ an hour to 2 ½ hours, depending on the technician and the desired effects.  Oftentimes the technician will start the procedure very conservatively to determine how the customer’s skin will react to the pigment before going in with a heavier hand.

Pre-Treatment Notes

Prior to the procedure, there are several steps that you should take in order to ensure that your feather-touch brows are a complete success:

First and foremost, you should schedule an appointment with your technician to discuss your desired shape and color before the procedure.  This way, you are both on the same page for the appointment itself.

Secondly, you should avoid having your brows tinted prior to the appointment, as the pigment can make it difficult for the technician to match your brows appropriately.

Additionally, you should avoid using AHAs, BHAs, or exfoliants on the skin for three days prior to your appointment, as this can cause irritation in the skin when the micro-blading tool is being used.

Finally, you should be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen on your brow area!  If you are sunburned, your technician will be unable to complete your appointment due to risk of irritation.

After the Procedure

Immediately after the procedure, your brows will appear very dark and pigmented – don’t worry!  This effect will fade up to 50% in the first week, reaching your desired color.  Because the skin cell turnover rate is so high in the face, your skin may push the dye out at different rates, but it will even out over time.  And if the final effect is not what you were looking for, you can always schedule a touch-up with your technician to adjust the color, shape, and depth as needed.

Just like a regular tattoo, feather-touch brows will need some care and upkeep after the procedure is completed.  Oftentimes, it will take approximately 1-2 weeks for your brows to heel fully.  You will need to apply a barrier healing cream for a week or more after treatment to help speed up the healing process.  Additionally, you should avoid the use of exfoliation and cleansing steps in your skincare routine, as these can cause fading in the pigment and slow down the healing process.

Are Feather Touch Brows Right for You?

When considering semi-permanent makeup such as feather brows, you need to take a few factors into consideration.  Primarily, what type of brow style are you looking for? If you prefer a more natural style, feather-touch brows might be the perfect choice for you.  However, if you are looking for a trendier style, you may prefer something different, such as ombre brows.

Another important factor to consider is the skill of your technician.  For semi-permanent makeup such as feather touch brows, you need to consider them an investment.  Search for a licensed technician that has experience doing feather brows in Melbourne with great reviews and a clean office.  A great job will often come at a higher price and often requires maintenance to keep your brows looking beautiful and natural.

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