Eyebrow Shape MorningtonFor me personally, as I came to the end of my twenties, the end of my eyebrows decided to disappear too. My face was looking a little less vibrant. I chalked it up to age and got on with things until I read an article on the ‘Importance of Eyebrows’. I had always been the artistic friend who perfected my friends’ eyebrows and lashes, neglecting my own! Eyebrows have the ability to change your face wonderfully, dramatically. Many people are dubbing Microblading the mini-facelift. Upon discovery of this brow information, I went directly to my nearest makeup counter and purchased a brow pencil, brow powder and brow stencils for myself. Armed with all the goodies to transform my brows, I marched home to fix my brow situation. I was in love with the results: it made my eyes pop and I felt younger. Addiction activated!

However, let me tell you now, drawing on perfect brows day after day got tedious. Especially for a person like me who has half her brows missing!

Good brows take a lot of time in front of the mirror each day and I’m quite lazy when it comes to self-pampering. After all that brow tweaking in the mornings, they frequently didn’t quite last the day through.

Clearly I was over it, so I went in search of a solution. I had heard of Eyebrow Tattooing that left you with a rather solid looking pair of brows. It sounded a little too permanent for me. I didn’t want that; it suits some people but not me. I then discovered Microblading – I was in LOVE. I did my research and booked in as soon as possible. It changed my face completely: the arch could be raised in a much more defined way than brow powders and pencils ever let me. I kept getting compliments like ‘you look good’. They were my brows and nobody could tell!

Brows quickly became my obsession. I googled and read books and blogs on brows until I was absolutely adamant I had to help other people re-create their brows. This was not going to be just for my friends – I wanted to go public!

I was enchanted by the before-and-afters. I needed to be a part of the Brow Gurus of Melbourne changing faces!

I bit the bullet and drained the bank account and not only completed one training course but THREE! That’s right, three separate training courses on Eyebrow Tattooing. I researched pigments, blades and trade secrets until 3am each night, until I found the best.

After my last training at the Holo Academy, I felt armed with all the right tools I was finally ready after a year of training and practising – I the perfectionist, was ready to start giving people their dream brows. And what an honour it is to do what I love every day! I’m obsessed with Brows; I love being able to see my clients’ faces when they look at their brow transformation for the first time. So I opened the doors to STYLE MY BROWS. Welcome to my page and my little business that I care so much about. I will do my very best to give you your dream brows, whether it be Shaping and Tinting or Microblading. So, I look forward to creating brows for you & meeting you all. xx